2010 Memories and Testimonials

"The Christmas Market is an event that has a positive economic impact not just on Carlinville but on all of Macoupin County. I am excited to see the organizers of the Christmas Market take many positive steps this year that will continue that tradition. The Market is a great asset for Carlinville and [the] entire County."

Andy Manar, Chairman
Macoupin County Board

"We are proud to be a corporate sponsor for the Carlinville Christmas Market because we recognize the great economic impact it has on our community. This wonderful family-oriented event reminds us all that a community can come together with financial support and volunteerism to contribute to the qualify of life for all of us."

Jim Hudson, President
H&H Construction Services, Inc.

"The annual Christmas Market is Carlinville at its best. All of Macoupin County benefits from the hard work the many volunteers and workers commit to each year. It's always new, always fun, and a great way to get the whole family ready for the Christmas season."

Kasey Schwartz
Former Executive Director of the Carlinville Community Chamber of Commerce

"Christmas Market . . . one of my favorite times of the year! To me, it's all about the atmosphere and the hustle and bustle it brings to the Square and the town. It just feels like Christmas. And every visitor has a smile."

Debbie Zilm, Owner
Main Street Bridal

"The Christmas Market is just a fun place to be the first weekend in December. I can't imagine a better way to spend a few days enjoying the first real vision of the Christmas season to come, in such a beautiful setting as the Carlinville Square."

Jeff Link, Agency Manager
Carlinville KMRM Insurance, Inc.

"I have been going down to Carlinville for six+ years, and I will keep going there for the Christmas Market as long as I am welcome [to stay at a friend's house]. It has become an annual tradition for [my friend] and me. I look forward to December for this reason. I can do most of my Christmas shopping there because there is usually something for everyone, so many unique gifts to buy."

Shelley Oesch
Crystal Lake, Illinois

"I have been to Carlinville on a number of occasions, including the famous Carlinville Christmas Market. The small-town atmosphere adds just that touch of delight to the festivities of the weekend. Most everyone in town greets others with a smile and a "How are ya." The restaurants are great, with wonderful service and delicious food. Plan on a vi[s]it to this beautiful American town, especially the first weekend in December. You'll be glad you did."

Larry Collingwood
Palatine, Illinois

"I wanted to let you know we had a great experience this year at the Carlinville Christmas Market. We had not participated in it in probably more than 15 years. It is great how the whole town comes together for this. The shops on the square were wonderful. That was so nice of Salsa Place to bring us all menus and tell us they would deliver, or if we wanted to come over and use the restrooms that was okay too. Sunday, I took time to walk around the square and do some shopping. All the shops were great and so friendly. I loved the KC Hall being open for restroom use. I remember years ago vendors only had the port a potties. It was so cold you hated to have to use them. And the restaurants did not want vendors coming in just to use the restrooms back then. The volunteers at the Christmas Market were great too. Andy did a great job, asking if anyone needed anything, keeping people informed. He would discreetly move out of the way when shoppers came into your booth. I believe my complaint I put on the survey was the electricity going off in our tent several times. That was unfortunate Friday night especially, shoppers couldn't see and moved on. But, I do have another complaint that happened after the survey. At 3:00 Coonrods Electric Company parked right in front of the tent, came in and started unhooking lights, putting huge ladders in our boothes when we are trying to pack up and go home, as some people traveled from a long distance. My thought is can't he wait at least 1 hour and give the vendors and hour to pack up and leave? And why does he have to park his truck in a prime spot? I know we were done packing up in a little over an hour and most other people I think were too. It would just be nice since he is right in Carlinville to wait 1 hour before breaking down the lights, etc. Otherwise we had a terrific time and hope to be back next year. Thanks for all the hard work you do."

Ann & Jim Plogger
Dog Breed Yard Signs