Exhibitors Information

Interested exhibitors should submit an application, the appropriate fee, three photos of your handcrafted wares, and one photo of your booth set up, or your food description. Application photos will be juried. The committee will then mail notifications of acceptance.

Applicants should plan their booth set-up with the following in mind: (1) The 8 x 12 booth spaces have no aisles between them on the sides; (2) The traffic aisle for visitors runs in front of each exhibitor spot in the center, with booths on either side; (3) Wall space for hanging items is not provided, but exhibitors may display goods or signs on their own tables or racks; (4) The Market takes place inside where there is plenty of heat; (6) Exhibitors must furnish their own tables and chairs.

The Carlinville Christmas Market Foundation reserves the right to reject handicrafts that do not meet quality standards deemed suitable for the festival. The Foundation also reserves the right to remove any wares deemed objectionable for any reason.

You must also plan to have your booth open the ENTIRE Market. You should not close down early. Those doing so will not be invited back. If you sell out totally, please notify a Market committee person to check you out.

Illinois Dept. of Revenue sales tax: CCMF is required to report to the IDOR the names and contact information for all vendors. Further details will be provided to those selected to participate.

Booth Fees

  • $100.00 for a 6' table space

  • $175.00 for a 8' x 12'

  • $225.00 for a 8' x 24'

  • Outside food vendors: $175.00 plus 10% of profits